Tae Kwon-Do/ Any Other Sport with Hearing Aids

Sports with Hearing Aids. (Particularly if a helmet is needed)

First thing make sure your instructor knows that you have hearing difficulties. After telling him this my instructor said that if I had any problems hearing him them I had to raise my right hand and cup my left earĀ  to let him know that I could not hear him. But usually its okay as he always shows the actions we need to do.

The second thing is when wearing a helmet it is not always possible to wear hearing aids. They may not fit comfortably under the helmet or could get damaged if you fall and hit your head. You can wear them if you think it will be okay but I do not wear mine when I’m sparing. Instead I make sure that my instructor and partner knows that I’m not wearing my hearing aids. I then have to watch my partner to see them they stop. Sometimes my instructor taps me on the shoulder to say that we’ve finished.

Finally, if you are at a grading or a text let the examiner know that you have problems hearing and what they can do to help you. For my grading we are shown the action that they want us to do as they tell us. For example if they want us to do an inner forearm block they show the action as well. If your grading has a spoken section ask them to repeat the question if you are not confident that you heard it correctly.