Road Trip to Portugal

So my dad had this idea of driving to the South of Portugal from Oxfordshire. It was very long and tiring but also very good and the scenery was just so beautiful.


Day 1

We left around half three on Thursday, actuality we left at half six on the Wednesday to go to my grandparents. The road down to the Eurotrain was really clear, probably because only mad people and lorry drivers were on the roads. It took just under 3 hours to get there. The sun rise was really beautiful.
The crossing took about half an hour, it was really bumpy and you could feel yourself moving but could see nada. When we got into France the sun had just finished rising and we lost an hour for the time changes (France and the rest of central Europe are an hour ahead of Britain).
Our first destination was a city near the French-Spanish border called Bayonne to sleep for the night. It took about 10 hours from the ferry with a lot of stops and a tiny but of traffic in Bordeaux.


Day 2

This morning we left at the much more reasonable time of 5:50. This part of the journey took us out of France, into the northern mountain regions of Spain and ending the 10+ hour journey at our destination Albufeira, Portugal.
During the many hours journey we saw; a wing of a windmill being driven around in France, a lot of cows and statues of bulls in Spain and on the roads of Portugal three cars racing and trying to overtake each other and being beaten by a smart car.
We arrived at 5, and went for a swim in the pool to cool ourselves down then went for a walk around the place we were staying.


Day 3

Woke up went down to the beach to look around, as my granddad used to come to Alberfera with my Nan and always wanted to come back, he was a bit upset about how much of it had changed. But then again he did also use to come during January so he was not used to the amount of people that were there. We stayed on the beach for around 3 hours. Then went back to the apartment had lunch and had little siesta and then went down to the pool for another couple of hours. After dinner we waited on our balcony for the blue lights of the pool to turn on, they were really pretty.


Day 4

Today we went to a sea side port that my granddad used to go to, this had also changed, as many of the things he had remembered have become built up or sold. It was a bit hotter than yesterday on the beach and there was less of a breeze but because it’s the Atlantic sea it was nice and cool. We then back to our apartment after about 4 hours of being on the beach to cool down. We went down into the town for dinner I had a Portuguese style steak and it was lovely.


Day 5

Today was our last day in Portugal. We went down to the beach early and had nice lunch on the sand and swam in the sea. The sand was melting hot but the sea was ice cold. My sister and I went into the waves to see if we could keep upright, for some it worked others not so much. We stayed in the beach till one then went back to the apartment for a quick siesta. We went down to a restaurant called little Britain for dinner, it was sooo good. The last thing we did before we went to sleep was swinging in the pool waiting for the blue lights to turn on. When they did it was really dark and you could barely see in front of your face.


Day 6

We left at about six in the morning to get on the road. The roads were really empty.
Portugal and Spain seemed to pass in a blink of an eye. Then we got to the mountains near France, and time just stopped. They just kept going up and down through the tunnels.


Day 7

“We’re coming home, tell the world we’re coming home.”
So while having ice cream in 17 degrees at a French petrol station, on the leaflet stand there was a leaflet on French Sign Language.
When we got back into England there was a lot of traffic as a lot of the roads were closed. The full journey took 40+ hours and 3120 miles, or 5021 km.