1. I am…

We are going to die tonight, me and my brother. I’ve heard them whispering in the halls, there is a threat coming to England. Uncle wants us to be dead so we cannot be used against him.
I am,
one of the Princes in the Tower, Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York

Richard of Shrewsbury

was the second son of King Edward IV of England. After his father’s death in 1470 he and his older brother had been kept in the Tower of London by their uncle Richard III. After 1473 they were never seen again and Richard became king. It is unknown what happened to them, some believe their uncle had them smothered to death while others believed they died of an illness.

Writing this in 50 words was hard, there is not a lot you can do with 50 words, so once a fortnight (roughly), I’m going to release a 50 word story based on a fictional or historical figure. Hope you enjoy them.