Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness Week, Day 1

In the UK Deaf Awareness week starts on the 15th of May, so I’ve decided to give a bit of history about sign language, some basic signs in BSL and some other information about deafness and being deaf over this coming week. I hope you enjoy.
British Sign Language or BSL uses two hands to communicate with, but others like American Sign Language usually only use one. There are around 300 different types of sign languages in the world and many of they have derived from others and may look similar to other counties signs. Many signs came from French Sign Language, which later gave form to American Sign Language.

Right Handed Alphabet

bsl right.png


bsl left

To test your dominate signing hand, hold one palm open (like for the vowels) and run the middle finger of the opposite hand around your palm, straight lines and circles. Then do the same with the other hand, which ever way feels more combatable is your signing hand (the hand with the middle finger.)

Here are some greeting signs to try with friends and family.

bsl greetings