Books and Shows with Deaf Charcters

Day 5

Here is a list of books and films with deaf characters; I will update it when I find new ones.


There Will Be Lies, Nick Lake- Shelby Jane Cooper is seventeen. It’s just Shelby and her mom, Shaylene, who likes to keep Shelby safe. So safe she barely goes out. When Shelby gets knocked down by a car, it’s not just her leg that’s broken: Shelby’s world is shattered. She and her mum are on the run. Now everywhere she looks, there’s a coyote watching her, talking to her, telling her not to believe.

Of Sound Mind, Jean Ferris- Theo is fluent in two languages, spoken English and sign. Everyone in his family except him are deaf, leaving him to act as his family’s interpreter.

Whisper, Chrissie Keighlery- Fifteen year old Demi’s world is shattered when she is left profoundly deaf by a sudden illness, she must now learn to adapt.

Flying To The Light, Elyse Salpeter- Seventeen year old Michael and his deaf brother, Danny, find themselves in mortal danger after their parents are kidnapped. Michael discovers Danny has a special gift—he knows what happens after a person dies—and now others want to know too.

Tv Shows/Films

You should be able to find versions of some of theses with subtitles, apologies if you cannot.

Switched At Birth- Two teenagers were switched at birth and grew up in very different environments. From a blood test Kay realises she is not her parent’s biological daughter, it is relieved that she had been switched with the Kennish’s daughter Daphne, who is deaf.

Mr Holland’s Opus- A musician and composer uses jazz and rock’n’roll to inspire his music students, while attempting to support his family and raise his deaf son.

The Quiet- Dot, a young deaf and mute woman, is sent to live with her godparents and their daughter. The new addition to the household realizes that everything is not copacetic in the home, and the family’s dark comes to light.

No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie- A deaf actor who plays a TV superhero inspirer’s a deaf boy to believe in himself. (Is subtitled)

The Silent Child- A short film about a young deaf girl who learns sign language.