Results from the BSL Campaign

Day 7

For the last day of Deaf Awareness Week, I have shared the campaign results. This was the a poll released by the National Deaf Children’s Society to see how many young people (deaf and hearing) want to learn British Sign Language in schools. There was over 2 000 responses from people aged 8-25 from across the UK.

Here are the results

  • 91% wanted to learn more BSL.
  • 92% thought schools should offer a BSL GCSE.
  • 97% thought BSL should be taught in schools.

What was really surprising was that 67% of people were hearing while 33% were deaf. This shows it’s not just deaf people who want to learn.

A break down of the individual countries views

  • 76% were from England, 90% of these wanted BSL to be taught at school, maybe even a GCSE.
  • 11% from Scotland, 90% wanted BSL in schools, taught as a National 4/5.
  • 9% from Wales, 4 out of 5 wanted learn more.
  • 4% were Northern Irish, 90% wanted to learn more.