3. I am…

The sea was so wild that night, the waves kept hitting the side of the ship. They were losing control of the ship, then we were sinking. All I could see was darkness, then nothing.
I am,
the girl who never got to be queen, Margaret the Maid of Norway.

Margaret of Norway (1283-1290) was a Norwegian princess and a disputed claim to the Scottish Throne. She was the only descendent of Alexander III as her mother’s brother had died with no heir, many wanted her as queen (with her husband ruling) but just as many did not. The English king Edward I wanted her to marry his son Edward II but it was decided that talks of marriage would be put aside until after she arrived in Scotland. Then on the 26th September 1290 she died as a result of sea sickness. Her death meant that there was no obvious heir to the Scottish Crown, this then led to the Great Cause in 1290-1, where there was 14 competitors but only four had a decent claim, it ended with John Balliol becoming king until he was forced to abdicate in 1296 and Scotland was forced to join with England then there was the Wars of Scottish Independence (1296–1357) and the House of Stewarts appeared with Robert II as king of Scotland in 1371.

That was a long history lesson, I decided to write about her drowning instead of dying of sea sickness. Sorry if I butchered Scottish history.