EU Recognition of Sign Language

Recognition of Sign Language

So, on the 17th of June 1988 the European Parliament asked all the members of the EU to recognise Sign Language as the language of their Deaf communities.

“The European Parliament […] calls on the Commission to make a proposal to the Council concerning official recognition of the sign language used by deaf people in each Member State.”
-‚ÄČEuropean Parliament Resolution on Sign Languages 1988

After this many EU countries began to recognise Sign Language(s);
Austria- Sept 2005, Austrian Parliament recognised Austrian Sign Language as an independent language.
Belgium- French Belgium Sign Language was recognised in 2003 and Flemish Sign in 2006.
Czech Republic- 1998, Sign Language Law recognise sign language as a human language.
Ireland- No recognition yet, but many are calling for it to become the third official language of the country.

Many countries that do not recognise sign language do so because of several reasons:
1, The reason Italy gives is that Sign Language is grammarless, however for something to be classified it must have grammar, which must sign languages have even if it not the same as spoken.
2, There are many variations of it within a country, so it would be hard to recognise them all.
But these are just excuses, all countries should recognise Sign Language as it is a part of them and people in their countries use it to communicate so should be given the same legal recognition as other minority languages. (In my opinion)