There Will Be Lies, Nick Lake Review



‘There Will Be Lies’ is written from the perspective of a teenage girl called Shelby who lives in Arizona. She lives a quite sheltered life, she does not go to school and her mum controls everywhere she goes. One day she gets hit by a car and a coyote tells her that there will be two lies and then the truth will be reviled. After hearing this she then goes on a journey to discover the truth and find out who she is inside. Oh, and she is deaf

I like this book because it’s not instantly obvious that she is deaf. She doesn’t mention it till a couple of chapters in that she is deaf. There are some clues that alluded to it however; she misses out what people say when she is not facing them, there are subtitles on the TV. The author also does not use “speech marks” but italics.
I like the use of italics to indicate where signing is being used. It does make it hard to follow when the characters are speaking as the author does not go back to speech marks. Apart from that it is a really good, addictive book and I would definitely recommend it to everyone as it is really good.