9. I am…

It is over, the House of York is no more, it all ends with me.
That up starter Henry will now be king.
What lies will he have pass down,
The crown is now in the hands of peasant servants.
I am, the last Plantagenet king of England, Richard III

Richard III (1452-1485) was the last Yorkist King of England, he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth field, the last real battle of the Wars of the Roses (One of England’s civil wars, the civil war called the English Civil War started in 1642 with the Cavaliers and Roundheads, as apart Wars of the Three Kingdoms). He his believed to have killed his nephews, ‘The Princes in the Tower’ before the eldest one, Edward, could become king. He was the last English king to be killed on English soil and was buried without ceremony, possibly latter chucked in the River Soar. In 2012, he was discovered under a Leicester car park and reburied in Leicester Cathedral.

So that one had a lot of clues in it, and my next one might have clues in it as well. I’ll have to work on that. 🙂