Year 7 Experience

Year 7

Year 7 was hard, moving from a small primary school with just over 100 students to a secondary with close to 17 000 was a massive step. It was probably made even harder by the fact that that summer I had just gotten my hearing aids and was not used to being able to hear my own footsteps for the wind. I was bullied but now I question the intelligence of them as they would sometimes whisper behind my back and if I took my aids out, hay presto I could not hear them anymore, yay.

In lessons, apart from the occasional few, I sat in the front, which was nice as it meant I could hear what they were trying to teach us, which in year 7 isn’t a lot. In the lessons, I wasn’t sat near the front, I was quite often sat near nice people who would let me copy or explain things to me.

The one lesson I did not like was music, mostly as the teacher sat me at the low part of the keyboard which is the pitch I cannot hear, so I spent most of those lessons just being directed on what keys to press by my partner.

The largest shock for year 7, was the amount of people and the noise they made, if you go to a smaller school it’s probably less of a problem, I would quite often go and find quite places to hide during lunch to get away from the noise, mostly the library.

Sorry for this being so jumpy. One every Monday of this month I am going to do a post of my experience at my school, thought it would be something different.