10. I am…

England has such a silly little king.
It was so easy to get rid of him, I gave him a little bit of money and he left.
How desperate must England be to have a king like him?
I am,the king who paid England to go away, Charles VIII

Charles VIII (1470-1498), was the king of France from the age of 13 after his father, Louis XI died, with his elder sister Anne acting as regent. Henry VII (England), had stayed in Brittany (a separate part of France then) when he was in exile and had been given support by the French to invade England and fight Richard III. Now France wanted to reclaim Brittany and Anne decided the best way was to marry her brother to the daughter of the Brittany Duke, also Anne. Henry sent ‘volunteers’ to Brittany to help defend their independence however, in Anne believed that the best thing would be to marry Charles, Henry did not like, also wanting to expand his power and influence, took 26 000 men to France. France was already in the Italian war’s and wanted this to be over quickly, this resulted in the Treaty of √Čtaples. France was a much richer country and so gave England 745,000 crowns (roughly ¬£159,000, this was to be 50 000 crowns a year), this was 5% of Henry’s annual income.