Year 8 and 9

Here is Years 8 and 9.

I rarely wore my hearing aids. Which I now can see was a mistake.

In year 8, I did something really stupid, because I still was not used to walking outside with my hearing aids on. So, I didn’t wear them to or from school. Now is the stupid part, I wear glasses, I can’t see things that are far away and most of the time it is only colour blots. One day I didn’t wear my glasses, and I walked to school with no ears and no eyes (not literally). I had to cross 3 roads to get to my bus stop, but I survived.

Also in year 8 I had a skiing trip, and one of the days I had misplaced my hearing aids. That meant I couldn’t hear my instructor at all. Which was not fun. If you ever get a chance to go skiing I highly recommend it.

In year 9 I did a lot of dance shows, which were a lot of  fun. A lot of the time I was just copying the others as I couldn’t really hear the music that well and the dance teacher was really bad and won’t turn it up. That was not so fun, but I enjoyed the actual dancing and the almost sugar high which came with it.

In year 9 I also started to wear my hearing aids even less, I would wear them for lessons and that was it. I didn’t wear them to or from school, registration, assemblies or at lunch and break. They were worn  for 5 hours and that was it, less if I had PE that day. I don’t recommend doing that.