Year 10 and 11

Life in years 10 and 11.

I must admit for these two years I rarely wore my hearing aids. I wore them some lessons, but most days I just left them at home. Looking back, I probably should have worn them more than I did. Now I wear them for most of the school day.

Year 10 was very irritating, so I took Spanish as an option and the class room was laid out sort of like two horse shoes. With one part next to her desk and then a line of rows at the front away from her desk. This line of rows was for the foundation students, its easier and you have to learn less, now this is where my teacher had me sit. Even though it was far from where she was most of the lesson and I was a higher student as I had asked my other teacher and tutor. this was very irritating as she mostly ignored the foundation students and answered questions in the most patronising way. Which is always nice, to have a teacher talk to you like that.

Year 11 was my GCSE year, which is why it was bad that I didn’t wear my hearing aids. One good thing was that my lip-reading abilities. I did struggle without my hearing aids, I missed a lot of information especially from the various videos we had to watch. But I did do okay in the end, so not all was bad, but I don’t recommend it.