11. I am…

So, I am the last then, the last direct heir to the throne. The last king of England.
I can never return or that tyrant will have me too killed.
I shall spend the rest of my days hidden in France
I am, the White Rose, Richard de la Pole

Richard de la Pole a Yorkist claimant to the throne of England in the 15th Century. He was the nephew of Richard III and Edward IV and so was a threat to Henry VII. As Henry was of questionable linage the Yorkist’s saw them selves as the true kings and many fled or were killed by Henry. His older brother John was named as Richard’s heir and when Richard died, went into hiding for a bit before supporting the Lambert Simnel rebellion and being killed at the Battle of Stoke. His other brother, Edmund, fled to Burgundy and the Holy Roman Empire before being traded back to England to secure a treaty he was later killed by Henry VIII. Richard was not killed by any of the Henry’s instead dying in the Battle of Pavia.

The de la Pole family and the Pole family are different although both are Yorkist.