Year 12

So, I’ve been a year 13 for over a month now and now I am going to share with you, year 12.

I started to wear my hearing aids a lot more this year. Sometimes I forget to take them out for lunch, this has made life much easier as I can now hear my friend properly when they speak to me, yay! In December, I also got a microphone that I could give to the teacher. aThis meant that they could move and walk around I would still be able to hear. My English teacher liked that as he likes to move and talk. It was strange at first, as I couldn’t always work out were my teachers were in the room as they were just talking behind me it seemed. Now I can work out where they are.

I started to become a lot more confident in year 12 about answering questions and asking when I didn’t understand something. At the end of the year we had mocks and I did okay, considering that my laptop broke three weeks before! This year I’m doing A Levels, then I’m hopefully going to go to uni and study history.

If you have any questions about school, I’ll be happy to answer them.