Labour Party Conference

I went to the labour party conference to meet with serval MP’s and ask them to support the NDCS campaigns.

The NDCS’s current campaigns are;
1. Right to Sign- making BSL a GCSE and putting it into schools.
2. PIP- making it easier for deaf people to get PIP.
3. Listen up- about audiology services being checked.

I was also in my local newspaper which was fun.

What happened

On Sunday 24 September I got on the train to Brighton. It took a little under four hours to get there. I was on my way to the Labour Party conference where I had 8 meetings lined up to talk about three campaigns that the NDCS are doing. They are Listen Up to improve children’s audiology services, Right to Sign, putting British Sign Language (BSL) in schools as a GCSE and PIP’d Off, about Personal Independence Payments, and the difficulties that deaf people have in getting them. I talked about the Right to Sign campaign as it was the one I helped create with the last Youth Advisory Board.

On the Monday, Brighton was quite rainy and we arrived at the hotel at around 10am to get ready for our first meeting. We then had a break for lunch and walked around the exhibitions. After lunch, we saw Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. I managed to get my picture taken with both of them. I had a really good time and would like to do it again.

The best bit of my day was seeing the taxi drivers showing their support for the Uber ban in London by beeping their horns. It went on for about 20 minutes and was really loud! I also liked meeting all the different MPs. Top tips from me for conference are: to share – talk to the MPs and ask questions if you don’t understand something; they are ordinary people.

An extract from;

Debate which happened later: House of Commons Deafness Debate and Debate- BSL as a GCSE