House of Commons Deafness Debate

I was mentioned in the House of Commons Debate on Deafness!

On the 30th of November, there was a debate in the House of Commons about Deafness and Hearing Loss. One of the speakers mentioned me by name!

So a bit of background, on the 24th of September I was invited by the National Deaf Children Society to go the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. I went to speak to several MP’s about deafness and the Campaigns that the NDCS was holding. One of them was about having British Sign Language as a GCSE. One of these MP’s was Liz Twist from Blaydon.

She is the one who mentioned me in the debate. I am very thankful for her for bringing the attention to the need for BSL to become a GCSE and taught in schools.

You can read the full debate here: