This Year with NDCS

As its almost Christmas and the New year I thought I would look back at what I have done with the NDCS this year.

Joined the Swindon and North Wilts Group as a volunteer.

I joined the Swindon and North Wilts Deaf Group as a volunteer. Here I have met some very interesting deaf young people. I also had the opportunity to help out some events; a cake sale and pig race, and ice skating.

I have learned more sign language which is always useful and hope to help out more in the future.

Started the Campaign ‘Right to Sign’.

With the NDCS, I along with 16 other deaf young people started the campaign ‘Right to Sign’. This is to encourage parliament, exam boards and the education ministers to have British Sign Language as apart of the national curriculum. As a GCSE option which many, deaf and hearing, have shown an interest in.

Left the YAB.

This was also my final year with the NDCS’s Youth Advisory Board. We have done some great stuff with each other and helped to start a campaign. In those short few months we did so much. The campaign is still being supported and I wish the best of luck to the new YAB group.

Labour Party Conference.

I was invited to attend the Labour Party Conference and speak to several MP’s. I met Corbin. It was really great day and I got to speak to so many MP’s and realised how human they actually are.

Helped in interviews.

I have been involved in two sets of interviews. One for the new support officer at NDCS, which was interesting as I got to sit on the other side of the table and learn what interviewers were looking for. I also helped interview the new applicants for the YAB which was interesting as well as I got to see the different ideas that people had about things.

Mentioned in Parliament.

Last and finally, I was mentioned in parliament. One of the MP’s I had met at the Labour Party Conference mentioned me and the campaign in a debate which was really amazing.