Chapter 1

Date; 12 January 2160
Time; 16:23
Area; 419

The subjects are all asleep, they have all been tested for The Gene and they lit up like fireworks. Have not tested for their abilities as of yet but they will be when they awaken.

Jo looked down at the girls, they looked so young and innocent, but they had been told multiply times that these children were dangerous and should be kept sedated unless they were needed for testing. The first girl short hair, she was wearing a white tunic which went to her knees and had a thine cord around her waist. Her tattoos where of weapons, a small eloquent danger on her left ankle, a bow on her left wrist and a pair of swords on her back. The girl next to her was dressed similarly, however her tunic/dress reached her ankle and wore a green cloak, her blond hair was braided over her shoulder. Her tattoos looked like small spirals and where next to her eyes, maybe she had some sort of weather control, Jo thought. The third girl in the row was wearing darker colours but a similar style tunic to the other two girls, she also had sleeves and her hair was covered by fabric and the cord around her waist was thicker as well. On her right forearm were three balls of fire, each a different colour; blue, yellow and red.

All these girls looked so young, Jo thought as she walked around the beds to the next three girls.

The first, looked like a young aristocrat, with a light blue dress, slightly torn at the bottom as if she had been running. She had frills around her neck and arms, just peeking under her sleeves where blank boxes about the size of playing cards. The next girl looked very different, her hair was long and not tied up but the clothes were definitely the strangest. Her top was silver with large silver sequins covering it, her trousers where also silver, but more like glitter and finally she had leg warmers with the silver sequins as well as white high heeled boots. She was the strangest one, only part of her tattoos could be seen, but they looked like a pair of large wings. The last girl was wearing the most similar clothes to Jo, a pair of blue jeans, a stripy top with a big coat and a purple scarf, the only difference was that see didn’t have a bar code across the back of her neck. She had two bees on each palm.

Jo couldn’t believe that these six girls could be dangers, but from their clothes, she could believe that they were from the past, before the world ended and if the higher-ups were right they would be the key to continuing the human race.