16. I am…

Ah, maybe I should not off have had so many children.
I did make England a great military strength.
But maybe if I had had less there would not be a struggle for who gets the crown later.
I am,

the start of the wars of the roses, Edward III

Edward III (1312-1377), also Edward of Windsor was the son Isabella of France and Edward II. He is the second longest reigning monarch (50 years) and lived through the Black Death. He transformed England into a great military power during the 14th Century. Edward III did not start the Wars of the Roses as he had been dead for quite a few years at that point, but his great grandsons Henry VI (Lancaster) and Edward IV (York) did. So, Edward was from the House of Plantagenet and from this house there where two lines of succession, House of York (White rose) and the House of Lancaster (Red rose), when Edward died the crown was given to his eldest son (he had 5 sons who survived into adulthood) Edward the ‘Black Prince’. When the ‘Black Prince’ died the throne was passed to his son Richard who was 10 at the time, Richard II was an unpopular king and sent is Cousin Henry (son of John of Gaunt, 3rd son, line Henry VII is descendent from through his mother) into exile, this was a bad move as Henry later returned, over through Richard and made himself Henry IV. The crown was in the Lancaster family until Henry VI was over thrown by Edward IV (Yorkist, descendant of 4th son Edmund) and the wars of the roses started. The wars ended when Edward’s brother Richard III was killed in the Battle of Bosworth field by Henry VII, a Lancastrian who was related to John of Gaunt through is mother.
Wars in Europe at this time and really until the end of World War I had a lot to do with families and inheritance laws, sons disagreeing with their fathers, brothers wanting the crown from their brothers, daughters also wanting power.