Chapter 2

The last girl’s eyes snapped open as Jo left. The gold flecks moved from around the eye and into the pupil, her eyes focused and she glanced around the room. There were 5 other girls, all wearing strange clothes, one of them looked like they had just walked of an Abba album cover. They all had tubes sticking out of them connecting them to the massive machines. Panicking Heidi pulled the tubes out of her arms. She noticed that one of the girls wearing a bed sheet was starting to stir.“Hello,” she called across the room, the other girl sat up and looked over at her.
“Who are you? Where are we?” She responded in a puzzled voice, also pulling out the tubes. Heidi walked over to her, her legs felt wobbly as if she had been asleep for a long time.
“I’m Heidi, we’re in some sort of lab, I think.” The other girl nodded,
“I’m Negomi, do you think we should wake the others?” Heidi agreed and they began to walk around waking up the other girls, they all looked confused at first before they pulled out the tubes and the gold flecks returned to their pupils.

Soon they were all sat in a circle, like Heidi remembered from school when they had to introduce themselves, they had already discovered that they were all Picta’s and were now just waiting for the first person to introduce themselves.
“So, who wants to go first?” The other girl in the shorter bed sheet, which Negomi had said was a toga but that this girl was wearing the male version.
“I will,” the young aristocrat said as she drew her shoulders back, “I am Ceila, and I can turn people into playing cards.”
The girl in the darker tunic was the next to speak, “I am Iceni, I have three fires to explode, to burn and to transport.”
“Yma, and I have Kite wings to fly with,” The Abba look alike said quickly.
Negomi spoke next “I am Negomi and I can read minds.”
The final tunic girl was next “Hi, I am Nire, I can summon weapons.”

Heidi was about to speak when they heard voices near the door, apart from Nire, they all looked towards it in horror and ran back to their beds with Nire following. They had no need to panic the scientists had stopped outside their door and had started to speak. They were slightly muffled, but from what the girls could hear, it was nothing nice.
“Yes… gene… we can start at dawn… won’t be alive… of course sir.”
They heard the scientists walk away, they were still holding their breathers, until Negomi broke the silence, “We need to get out of here.”