Chapter 3

Heidi’s story, 2020

It was cold that day, the bees did not want to come out. I think I was afraid before it happened, I can’t quite remember. This is the day I said good bye.

The day started out as normal, I got ready for school, made sure I was wearing my scarf, my mum had hidden my coat in some far-off place in the house. I went down to the bus stop with my bee’s still in my arm, they hadn’t wanted to leave today.

All week there had been stories of the threat of nuclear attacks and my school was one of the last to close from the threat of war, they said that nothing was going to stop our education. School was as dull as it was every day, but the bees were getting restless. I could feel them wanting to leave, but I did not know what from.

We were sat at lunch complaining about school when the alarm bells started to ring, there was a nuclear bomb flying towards us, they didn’t know if it was going to hit us or go over the top. Our school was evacuating us to the shelters they had dug under the sports filed a few years ago.

There was a lot of screaming that day, everyone was panicking, saying we were about to die. We were packed like sardines under the school fields when we felt it. The heat was so bright, my skin was burning.

Then there was nothing.