23. I am…

I did it. I made it.
The crown is my, any who oppose me, shall perish.
My dynasty will last for hundreds of years.
We can’t be stopped now; our name will go down in history, not as servants but as kings.
I am, the first King Tudor, Henry VII


Henry VII (1457-1509)

Was the king of England from 1485 after the Battle of Bosworth and defeating the Yorkist Richard III until his death in 1509 where his son Henry became king. He was the descendant of Edward III, through an illegitimate female line, and father was the half brother of Henry VI, although the Tudor family had been originally servants. He had 4 children, Arthur (died year after marriage), Henry (VIII, father of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth), Margate (Grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots and Great Grandmother to James VI + I), Mary (Grandmother to Lady Jane Grey).