Support at University

I have been given the all clear, I have passed first year. Yay!

So, I thought I would share what support I have been given during my first year at University.

For lectures I have a wonderful notetaker who wrote up what the lectures said, not word for word but enough that nothing major was missing. These notes then got sent to me after the lecture. She was either in the lecture hall with me or I record the lecture on my phone and email her the recording. These notes were great, very detailed in some parts, they meant I don’t miss anything during the lecture and I could add them to the notes that I did make in the lecture.

Also for seminars I have a pen microphone provided by DSA, I can put this on the desk and it picks up what everyone around the table is saying. I also have a smaller microphone for the lectures to wear that goes around their neck and connects directly to my hearing aids so I can hear them better. Most lectures were quite happy to wear this, one looked very excited every time he put it on, he is a bit strange. There were some however who refused to wear it and put up an argument, they did put it on when I said I wouldn’t be able to hear them without it or when other students mentioned what it was for.

I was also given a Deaf Alert, a box connected to the fire alarm which would vibrate my pillow if there was a fire alarm. I also had a pager to take around campus. Both of these were very useful, although hard to turn off sometimes, especially when it was just the Sunday testing and not a real drill.