Deaf Awareness 2018

This year instead of making lots of separate posts I decided to put together a bunch of websites. These are hopefully helpful in learning Sign Language. British Sign Language in particular, see this post about different types of sign language.

Places to Learn

A place to go to learn about Sign, and where near you, you can learn is Signature.
Another website about deafness and Sign is Signstation.
Take online lessons with British Sign Language.

Free Online

Learn a few useful signs for free with School of Sign.
An online dictionary which has a few words for each letter of the alphabet. There is also this one, which shows the different signs for different areas, although it doesn’t tell you which area uses which sign.
Then there is YouTube, just check that what you are watching is BSL not another Sign Language, there are also signed songs which are fun to try and sign along too.


The NDCS is an organisation which is mostly involved with helping parents of young deaf people but also young deaf people themselves (up to 25).
Another organisation is Action on Hearing Loss, their aim is to educate people about deafness and give support to deaf people of all ages.