20. I am…

I have won.
I have done what earlier had failed, I became the Queen
My father and brother tried to stop me put I did it.
And I will help to heal the people of the evil of my brother’s reign

I am, the first Queen of England, Mary I


Mary I (1516-1558)

was the eldest daughter and child of Henry VIII, granddaughter of Henry Tudor, Elizabeth of York, Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. She was a strict Catholic and loyal to her Spanish family (Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, was her cousin, and Philip II was her husband and second cousin). Her reign is remembered for the burring of protestants, killed less than father and Charles V, and for starting the ship building programs which helped to defeat the Armada under her half sister Elizabeth I.

The failing of earlier is referring to Empress Matilda and Lady Jane Grey. Matilda (1102-1167) was a claimant to the English throne, when her elder brother died her father named her his heir but her cousin Stephan of Blois also claimed the throne, leading to one of many English Civil Wars, the Anarchy. Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554), was who Edward VI named as his heir, as the descendent of Henry VII’s daughter she did have a claim. it was done illegally as Henry had already named Mary the next heir. So when Mary marched into London Jane Grey was deposed and Mary made Queen. She was executed the next year after her fathers involvement in the Wyatt’s rebellion.