Possible BSL GCSE

After years of campaigns, petitions, writing to MPs, the government is now starting to realise that people want a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL).

The minister of education has previously stated that it would be complicated and there were too many steps to take. Although Signature has been developing a BSL GCSE since 2015, 6 schools being successful pilots. He also stated that there would be no new GCSE’s after increasing the difficulties of current GCSE’s and getting rid of others. But now that stance has changed.

A GCSE in BSL with be more beneficial for many students who will never need French, Spanish, or German. British Sign Language is a language of Britain, and people should have the right to learn it. For many people it is their first language and they deserve to be able to take a qualification that is recognised and the same standard as other language qualifications. Also the ability to communicate with others in their language.

Sign Language is not just for deaf people, everyone can use it, and have the ability to learn it.

So hopefully the government does not go back on their word like they have done previously and a GCSE in BSL is created.