First Year is Over!

I have now finished my first year at the University of Winchester studying Medieval History, there was a lot of reading. Now just waiting for exam results to see if I got into second year, hopefully I did. Uni has been strange, in some ways its like 6th form and in others is completely different. It’s similar in that you are expected to read and know stuff about the subject outside of lessons. There are also less lessons in a day and a lot more free time.

But uni has so much more spare time where you know you should be doing something productive but at the same time you really don’t want to do work at that moment in time. I take 4 modules a semester, 12 weeks, and had maybe 8 contact hours a week, which is a less than I had at 6th form, round 15 a week, some weeks might have been 12. Time management is extremely important as before you know it 4 essays are due on the same day. I had this just before Christmas which was not fun. I also found I didn’t really hang out that much with people on my course, I spoke to them in lectures and seminars but outside of that I mostly just talked with my flatmates.

Most of the time my flatmates were wonderful people. Some days they were really annoying, but that’s what happens when your together almost 24/7 and you’ve got different personalities and views. But I’m living with most of them next year so they can’t have been that bad. It was strange, especially at the beginning moving in and living with a bunch of strangers, but its been interesting.

I also got a job, which is fun. I now work in the kitchen of a pub in Winchester, which has been a challenge as there are a lot of strange noises, but everyone is very loud so hearing them most of the time isn’t an issue. There is often music on in the background, but they are quite good at repeating things if I didn’t hear them. They just like to make fun of my height, a lot.

At the start of uni I joined two clubs, fencing and judo. I had gone along to the first BSL Society meeting but there was just so many people so I’m going to try and go along next year. Judo was great but it was very close and personal, and I think I just prefer Tae Kwon-Do more. Fencing was fun but a lot of the time we didn’t actually do that much fencing and just watched videos instead. After I stopped doing those, I decided that I wanted to do ice skating, which I am now grade 2 go me. It was on at Saturday but now on a Thursday morning I take the train down to Basingstoke and twirl around on the ice. I think next to Tae Kwon-Do Ice Skating is my second favourite sport.

My first year at university was great, full of ups and downs. Can’t wait to go back in September, if they let me.

If you have any questions about uni, message me and I’ll try my best to answer them.